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Canadian Election Results

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Oh yeah, we like you guys too.
Oh yeah, we like you guys too.

The Canucks blog tried out our idea regarding most loved and hated teams, and put up the results here.

It's funny to see how much love is concentrated on one team compared to BoC - I really think that having fans of different teams here is part of what makes our site so much fun.

Apparently Canucks fans share the BoC positivity for the Buffalo Sabres and also have happy thoughts for the Sharks - sort of a brotherhood of aquatic-themed bluish teams that underachieve, I guess. Thanks, guys! Sorry you didn't show up in the top 10 for BoC's most liked - blame it on the So-Cal fans I guess.

It isn't surprising that the Flames are the most hated team for the Canucks, being big rivals and all. It was pretty strange to see the Red Wings coming in fifth (behind the Leafs and the Rangers!) after Detroit ran away with BoC's most-hated crown.

Also, like at BoC, nobody gives a shit at all about the Blue Jackets or the Lightning. Now I really want to see the Columbus and Tampa Bay blogs do this survey - it would be hilarious to see who they like and dislike knowing that the rest of the league frequently forgets they exist.

In case you missed the BoC results, check them out here.