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Rob Blake Retires - Hockey World Weeps

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He wanted to wait to announce it, and nothing's official yet, but everybody pretty much knows Rob Blake is going to announce his retirement after the Finals are over.

Rob Blake has had a great career, and probably wants to spend more time body-checking his wife and kids.

I never hated Rob Blake that much even when he was on the Kings. I remember one Sharks game I went to when I was young, and they were playing the Kings, and they were doing that "Celebrity Look-a-Like" thing on the scoreboard during a TV time-out. They were showing a bunch of people in the stands and whatever, and it was stupid, and showing famous movie stars they kind-of looked like, but not really.

Anyways, the punchline of the bit was showing a really weird picture of like a cartoon Frankenstein or something and then they put Blake up on the screen, saying he looked like the monster (which he totally did). Blake heard the laughing, looked up at the screen overhead, and started chuckling and smiling. It was great.



Blake was a fine addition to the Sharks, but I found myself angry at him a lot of the time for being old and slow and taking stupid penalties. I guess he did a lot right too, but I mostly noticed his screw-ups. I'm bad that way.

Blake leaving frees up the captaincy to go to Boyle or Pavelski (or back to Marleau where it belongs).

Quick wikipedia fun - check out what it says on Rob Blake's page under "Personal Life":

His best friend in the NHL is New York Islanders goaltender Dwayne Roloson

Hahaha what? Apparently Dwayne Roloson is a really active wikipedia editor.

Also, with all the injuries Blake may have caused and dumb penalties he may have taken, the worst thing he ever did is, of course, the following:

In 2008, Blake appeared in the Mike Myers film The Love Guru as himself.