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Offseason Gameday: Go Angels?

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Seattle Mariners (35-56, 4th in AL West) at Los Angeles Angels (50-44, 2nd in AL West), 12:35 pm
Lookout Landing or Halos Heaven -- why not consult a baseball blog?

Well what do you know?  For the first and probably last time this year, I'm off to watch a baseball game, mostly to catch an opportunity to meet up with Mina and Gray from Couch Tarts -- they put a FanPost up about this about a month ago, and I was sucker enough to go along with it.

Oh yeah, baseball.

Now I'm not truly this ignorant about the sport of baseball -- I grew up playing baseball as a kid, I'll watch it more than football or basketball, certainly, and I'm still vaguely an Angels fan (granted, one who hasn't followed them in years).  I talked with a Halos fan yesterday to sort of figure out how their season was going, and he sounded discouraged -- apparently Texas and Vladimir are kicking AL West ass this season.  There's still plenty of games left, but my pal is unsure whether they should start focusing on next year or work on trying to salvage this season.

I'm certainly no expert, but it sounds like the Angels sound like they could use a jolt of luck from the lucky green shirt, and I feel like I'm the guy who can provide it today.  :)

Prediction: Angels 5, Mariners 3.  Runs by Izturis, Abreu x2, Wood, and Kendrick. 

Go Summer.