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Texts From This Morning

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Nut: Motherfucker, [Ilya Kovalchuk] signed with the Devils.

Rudy: Hahaha what the fuck

Nut: I should have known

Nut: I'm so distraught

Rudy: Don't worry there's always Vinny Leca- oh god!

Nut: Simon Gagne, woohoo!  Maybe we'll sign Doughty soon at least.

Rudy: Nope, it'd take up too much cap, we wouldn't be able to re-sign Randy Jones.

Rudy: Dean's going to get fucking destroyed by the press

Nut: Yup.  But he was right.

Rudy: Nope.  How much did he sign for?

Nut: Hasn't been announced.  Berry said he heard 60 mil over 7 years but he's an idiot so...

dchesnokov: Kovalchuk's mother tells Pavel Lysenkov of Sovetsky Sport that Kovalchuk's deal with #NJD is for 17 years.

Rudy: The fuck?  He'll be 44.

Nut: Ya.  But if it's 100 million that gives them a cap hit of 5.9.

Rudy: That doesn't seem legal.

Nut: Nope.  He clearly wasn't in it to win it.  Nj doesn't have a fucking chance, Brodeur is not elite anymore and they still on have 1 and 1/2 lines with no future.

Rudy: They'll be ok bc they have Lou.  They'll probably get Vokoun and then I'll just give up and start cheering for them.

Nut: And they'll trade for Patrick Sharp.

Rudy: And get Megan Fox to be their spokesperson.

Nut: The one thing I'm not sure about that Dean did was publicly state to Helene that it was their final offer.  If it worked it was awesome (which it kind of did) but it may have made Lou look nicer.

Rudy: It just sucks bc you know whatever the deal is they gave Dean a chance to match and he said no.

Nut: Ya

Nut: My heart hurts

Rudy: Stupid football, it always moves at the last second

Nut: Yup