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Kovalchuk Update

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-There was nothing interesting yesterday until 5 PM, when the Kings had a magical trade possibility appear between them and Philadelphia (which happens to be Dean Lombardi's old employer).  Kovalchuk better sign, the Kings are moving on without him!

-At 7, the terms of the deal offered to Kovalchuk by the New York Islanders were magically revealed.  Believed to be $10 million for 10 years, the Isla... wait, isn't that what Atlanta offered him?  Huh.  Anyway, the Kings better up their offer, Kovalchuk's going to the Islanders!

-Darren Dreger said this morning that the Kings were still the most likely landing spot.

-"Ilya" is a short version of "Elijah," which means, "The Lord is my God" in Hebrew.

-This sucks.