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How Do I Know Kovy Will Sign This Weekend?

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Because I won't be on my computer 'til Sunday night.

I'm out all this weekend, gone to a bachelor party for some douche bag who is a bigot but also Irish.*  There's a no-outside-contact rule in effect so I'll be in communicado** the next few days.  I'll be whooping it up, drinking booze and pretending that the poor girl who got touched by her uncle really does like dancing around for my amusement.  (The guilt I feel now makes it OK to feel up my own niece, right?)  Anyway, fuck Ilya, fuck Lebron, fuck Meg, fuck Earl (is he alive?), fuck you, fuck alcohol for how I'll feel later.


*I never understood how that worked.  It'd be like the color yellow saying, "Yeah, you guys used to hate me, but you know who REALLY sucks?  Purple.  Fuck that guy."

**Fuck this guy.