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My Stripper Story

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I know, you thought I was gone, but I remembered this story just now and I didn't think I had told it here before.

I went to a strip club when I was 19.  They were dancing or whatever and in the corner they had ESPN on.  I had missed the Kings game that night so I was watching the ticker to see if they had won.  (They did!)  A stripper came over to me and we had this conversation:

"Candy" or "Sasha" or whatever the fuck:  Hey baby, want a dance?

Your Noble Blogger: (*never taking eyes off screen)  Nah, I'm good.

"C"o"S"oWTF: Are you.. are you watching the TV?

YNB: (*sees score, pumps fist)  Alright.!  ...What's that?

"C"o"S"oWTF:  You're a fag.

YNB: (*dejected)  I just wanted to see the score...