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Over the past couple of months, my fellow bloggers Megalodon and Rudy Kelly have collaborated on a few posts: Patrick Marleau Facts parts one and two, their review of The Love Guru, and most recently, why every team will fail this season.  It's been a very good pairing, but I guess with enough cooperation comes that competitive itch to somehow outdo each other.  And since we're a blog that thrives on silly experimentation, they came up with this...


Meg and I wanted to try something.  We wanted to do a thing where the commenters give a writing prompt, hockey or otherwise, or a jumping off point for a blog entry, and then Meg and I would have 24 hours to post it and the commenters would vote on a winner.   To keep it fair, though, we need your help to pick the idea and e-mail to us, that way we aren't looking at the ideas and coming up with a story before the clock starts.  Then we'd both have the story saved and ready to be put up on the blog the next day and send you a copy to prove we didn't go over the time limit.  Seems like it might be fun and get the comments going a little bit.  What do you think?

Uh-oh...  I like it.  Cartoon!

Whose rambling will reign supreme?

So now the next step is up to you, readers.  What topic or scenario will be the theme ingredient to this inaugural challenge?  Be as silly or as specific as you'd like -- what do you want to read two contrary versions of in the near future?  To keep things simple, let's make sure we only use one topic for both bloggers, not a separate one for each.  And if you'd like to add any rules or anything, now's the time to do that, too.

Allez cuisine!  Let the Battle of California commence.