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Contest: See the (pre-season) BoC for free

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(Bumping this as submissions close tonight)

I know what you're thinking. You wonder what it must be like to sit in Section 205, Row 14, seats 7 and 8 of HP Pavilion. You wonder how such cheap seats could have such a great view -- the attack zone twice, a crisp view of the goal line, and an angle offset just enough to get a good look at either team's breakout. You wonder who the angry old dude (famously known for punching the wall) will rag on this season with Evgeni Nabokov gone. You wonder what it's like to boo the Anaheim Ducks in a semi-rowdy pre-season game filled with half-NHL rosters.

Wonder no more, my friends. Now you can experience all of this and live the dream as the Battle of California kicks off with Anaheim vs. San Jose pre-season action on Friday, September 24. All you have to do is come up with the best Patrick Marleau Fact and my two tickets are yours.

Contest rules:

-Leave your Patrick Marleau Fact in this post's comments. Click here if you need a refresher. Call the kids and wake the neighbors and get them to Rec your Patrick Marleau Fact.

-Submissions close on Wednesday, September 15 at 11:59 PM.

-Voting (via the Recs) close on Sunday, September 19 at 11:58 PM. Yes, 58 -- just to mess with you.

-The winner will be posted the following Monday. The winner should then email me by clicking the nifty envelope icon by my name at the bottom of the screen. I'll then forward you the PDF version of the tickets via TicketBastard's TicketFast system.

-The contest is open to Sharks, Ducks, and Kings fans. However, you must truly be masochistic if you're a Kings fan willing to sit through a pre-season game of two teams you don't care about.

-You are required to take at least one silly photo of your experience and post it in a FanPost. This can involve alcohol inside or outside of HP Pavilion.

-Update: In case of a tie in Recs, I'll post a poll here on Monday.

Good to go? Ready...set...BROWS!