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The Winning Patrick Marleau Fact Is...

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That was some hefty competition. An Arrested Development reference, a Masters Of The Universe reference (Dolph Lundgren edition), Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau playing Smell My Finger, and blatant cursing...that was all an exercise in futility as ONE BoCer swept the podium.

Drum roll please...

Here are the top five Patrick Marleau Facts:

(Patrick Marleau Fact: Patrick Marleau doesn't get an award named after him in his own contest.)

#1 Joe Thornton Award: Patrick Marleau still wants to be an astronaut when he grows up. (idunno723, 16 recs)

#2 Dan Boyle Award: Patrick Marleau initially wanted to be a figure skater but accidentally signed up for hockey and was too shy to tell anyone. (idunno723, 12)

#3 Joe Pavelski Award: When Patrick Marleau met his wife, he asked his mom to talk to her first for him. (idunno723, 11)

#4 Dany Heatley Award: Patrick Marleau opted to stay in San Jose this season because he felt the area had the best Ham Radio community. (Morti, 8)

#5 Devin Setoguchi Award -- tie: Patruck Marleau doesn’t always drink beer, but when he does, he prefers O’doul’s. (cmatthew35, 6)

#5 Ryane Clowe Award -- tie: Patrick Marleau giggles every time he tells someone he lives in Silicon Valley (Nut, 6)

Kent Huskins Special Consideration Award: Patrick Marleau… fuck, I don’t really care. (Kevin Y, 4)

Evgeni Nabokov Out of Competition Award: Patrick Marleau has been to the Fanny Pack Hall of Fame in Livingston, NB, but he was too nervous to go inside. (Earl Sleek, 10)

idunno723, click on the fancy envelope next to my name down below and shoot me an email. I'll forward you the PDFs. Remember, you have to take an amusing photo before, during, or after the game and FanPost it.