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Thoughts From Kings Training Camp

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Those are some goofy ass faces but hey, it's preseason. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Those are some goofy ass faces but hey, it's preseason. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
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I went to training camp on Sunday for about 6 hours or so and wrote down notes when something struck my eye. I'm publishing them here for posterity.  Here's my twitter account as well if you want more exciting training camp action.


Group A


-Lowest skilled group (current & future bottom-sixers)

-NHLers have amazing shot when they get time; Handzus sniping all day

-Jordan Nolan is big and fast; Westgarth's replacement?  Hard shot

-Mullen: small

-Hickey: quiet game (what you want to see); looks big compared to Peter Harrold

-Pelech: who the hell are you?  Big, unrefined, minors will do him good

-Drewiske looks great when he has time to think

-Disappointed in Lewis

-4th line pairing (Richardson-Lewis-Westgarth) would have been good last year; acceptable this year?

-Poni-Zeus-Meat is a BIG FUCKING LINE

-Bill Ranford looks like Kelly Hrudey

-Richardson: hard to tell b/c Lewis and Westy kept fucking up

-I understand why people in Manchester hated Andrew Campbell

-Nothing special in Linden Vey and Justin Azevedo

-Corner Drill: Poni, Zeus, Hickey excelled; Azevedo and Campbell got dropped like 6 times

-Murray tried to make eye contact with kid cleaning ice but kid didn't look until Murray had already started to look away so Murray gave him with a smile with just the right side of his face; hilarious

Group B


Mitchell + Doughty = Socratic ideal of a defensive pairing

-Smyth and Mitchell in front of the net is fun to watch

-Smyth possibly shift to center on breakouts to give Kopitar a jump on break?  They should do that

-Voynov more impressive than Muzzin to me

-Martinez + Muzzin = Manchester's top line

-Kozun fast, drives to the net, almost beat Mitchell wide but Mitchell shoved him

-Loktionov keeps surprising his teammates; TOO creative?

-Clune very underwhelming ("very" underlined 3 times)

-Kopitar turned Doughty inside-out twice, only for Drew to save it at the last second with a poke; Kopitar laughed and said something to Drew.

-King-Loki-Kozun has potential

-Loki doesn't seem to listen very well when they describe drills nevermind I forgot he doesn't really speak English

-Muzzin & Brown both in the "Tilt helmet back, have giant forehead" Club

-Corner Drill: Smyth and Brown DOMINATED everyone else, Kozun suprisingly good

-Mitchell tooled David Meckler 3 or 4 times


Group C


-Bernier deflects magnificently... I'm gay

-Parse-Williams-Stoll: HOLY SHIT

-I'm really proud of Williams

-Moller looks great, bigger

-I keep confusing Deslauriers and Jack Johnson

-Maybe it's because Deslauriers gets burned defensively

-Parse looks like the Birdman of Alcatraz: nickname?

-Czarnik with a very sneaky shot

-Scuderi talkative, emphatic during drills

-he can't pass for shit

-Schenn drops really deep on drills backcheck drills, Murray probably loves that

-Clifford... scary mother fucker

-Jack's playing Right Defense GOD DAMMIT WHY

-Wow Zatkoff killing this drill It's Bernier

-Fuck this, I'm cold