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Kings Gameday: Some Of Us Work For A Living

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Los Angeles Kings @ Phoenix Coyotes, 7:00 PST

Phoenix Coyotes @ Los Angeles Kings, 7:30 PST (streaming on Kings website)

This morning at work

Me: I fucking despise that dude. Next time I see him, I'm challenging him to a duel.

Girl #1: But you'd lose and probably pee yourself.

Me: Yeah, but then he's beating a guy who pissed himself and where's the honor in that?

Girl #2: ...I like the word duel because you can flip it around and it's "leud."

Me: ...What?

Girl #2: You know, someone says something "leud" and then they are challenged to a "duel." It's one of those things... a palindrome?

Me: "Lewd" is spelled with a "w."

Girl #1: And it's not a palindrome.

Girl #2: Oh... haha!

Me & Girl #1: *astonished

Prediction: Kings win in aggregate, 7-5.