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Ducks Gameday -- Lazy Guardian Cartoon Sunday.

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Edmonton Oilers (14-22-7) at Anaheim Ducks (24-19-4), 5 pm
The Copper & Blue and Anaheim Calling -- for the literate hockey fans.

Three panels today, you lucky readers, you.


That's right, Oilers -- your guardian looks like a gas pump or something.

Okay, okay, that wasn't the best, but I was also working out this cartoon request from Angst vorm Nichts in the comments of my South America post:

Question for you: what the hell do you think the Blues’ guardian is gonna look like?  I keep picturing Dr. Manhattan’s big blue CGI dick, with glasses and a mustache, playing a trumpet.  But maybe that’s just me.

Sadly, it was just you, Angst.  That is, until now!


Yeesh -- I probably ought to ban myself from the site for a while.  :)

Prediction: Teemu Selanne's 1,300th career point comes on the power play.

Go Ducks.