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Ducks Gameday -- Where's Baldo?

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Anaheim Ducks (26-20-4) at Montreal Canadiens (27-17-4), 4 pm
Anaheim Calling and Habs Eyes On The Prize -- Habs vs. Hab-nots.

I was out way too late last night to put a proper Habs post together today, but I was going to write a piece about the former Canadiens now playing in Anaheim -- most notably Saku Koivu, but Kyle Chipchura and Maxim Lapierre as well.  The Habs also have Travis "The Omen" Moen and James Wisniewski -- that'd have made a solid post topic, too.

But no -- Ducks have been playing shitty hockey so far in Canada, enough so that I'm finally starting to ask:


...and I'm not sure that's a good thing.  Whatever -- I'll be around for game comments -- stop on by.

Prediction: Canards obtenir une victoire.  Le but gagnant par le Rat.

Go Ducks.