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Ducks Gameday: Turtle! Turtle!

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Nashville Predators (19-13-6) at Anaheim Ducks (21-17-4) , 7 pm
for more ducks visit Anaheim Calling or more Preds visit On the Forecheck - on the forecheck? I wish the ducks where!


I'd totally look like a Q-tip without my shoulder pads!

Today's post will be highly adult and mature not lilke this one...but before we get there....let's talk about the ducks...were on a streak although we did everything in our power against chicago to break it. Hiller was sparkling int he 3rd in a 18 shot barrage..and you could see the look of disbelif on the hawks players and they keep getting denied shot after shot...the ducks did exactly what I told them not to do and sat on the lead and went into a shell (as Trotz look like he's always doing..more on that later). Chicago should have left California feeling shitty but the Kings fluffed them up Mon. nite with equally poor Dplay and didn't get there own hiller performance. (seriously alec martinez, drewiskie, johnson you suck..)

Now Maxim's debut was delayed due to green card Issues..but he obtained one from this man


...we will need him cuz it looks like the rat is still out and ..El nino has been re-assigned to the Nestle Crunch...The sex offender has been called back up so theres no telling how lines will look ..I will speculate:





About the are they a streaky team..they started off with a 5 game win streak the 2nd week of december..then lost 5 and now have won 2 straight...(lets hope were not in the middle of the next streak) led by my fantasy guy Hornqvist and Sullivan with 10 goals a piece..shea weber being awesome with 20 points +4..suter at a +10..a stout defense all around if you ignore shane o brien at a -9..(and some ducks fans wanted him back?)

update: Out for the Predators tonight will be Matthew Lombardi, Cal O`Reilly, Martin Erat, and Steve Sullivan. Yeah

now for some fun...after the jump I've included a Barry Trotz collage ..please include your own pics in the comments...enjoy!!

B3_ultra_battle_droid_medium Thomas-friends-my-first-thomas-talking-percy_medium Goth-beetle-juice_barry-the-shrunken-head_topbmp-300x245_medium Goomba_medium Story_medium Rammancomplete1a_medium

Ducks get there identity back and get back to playing an aggressive 60 mins win 6-3: goals by Ryan x2, Maxim, Vish, Perry, Stone hands

p.s Ill be at the game jan 9th ducks vs sharks in case anyone wants to say hi...I wont make danny k's though cuz I will be with my ladies hold off "flashing" me for another day if you see me..