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Sleek update: Making my way back home.

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Hey everybody, no real substance to this South American post, but I thought I'd just let everyone know I'm still alive down here in sunny Rio de Janeiro.  The trip has been great -- Chile, Argentina, and Brazil are excellent countries to tour through, especially during North America's wintertime, and honestly I can't convincingly pick a favorite at this point.  There's probably no need to, anyways; vacations are awesome.

Gauchos in Argentina playing a version of musical chairs

Later on tonight I'll be boarding a series of planes that will eventually get me back to Californian soil, which will definitely be a welcome sight, and after Sunday's BoC game I'll resume some gameday posting activity (Spade, you still good for that one?).  I guess I'll warn you now, though -- I did get word that I'm headed back to Vegas for a few more weeks of employment, but that's down the road -- for now, just hope that everybody had a solid New Year's, and hopefully everyone's a bit more proficient now at reading Spade's version of English.  :)

Feliz año nuevo / Feliz ano novo / Happy New Year -- see you back stateside soon.

Go Ducks.