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BoC Gameday: Mutual Respect

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paying homage to O.G. BOC cartoon, as suspected Meg and spade don't wear pants!
paying homage to O.G. BOC cartoon, as suspected Meg and spade don't wear pants!

Next Game

San Jose Sharks
@ Anaheim Ducks

Sunday, Jan 9, 2011, 5:00 PM PST
Honda Center

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Megalodon: Spade and I will both me attending the game tonight, separately. After weeks of intense negotiations we have agreed to meet each other for about five minutes between the first and second periods.

In keeping with this new spirit of cooperation between us, we have combined our efforts for today's gameday post, and will each try to think of nice things to say about the opposing team. I will begin.
I think the Ducks have done surprisingly well this year considering the state of their roster. They've outperformed most expectations.

George Parros is an awesome dude, everyone loves Teemu Selanne, and I've got nothing against Lubomir Visnovsky. Your turn, Spade.

Spade: im having trouble...cuz i dont really have anything nice to say about the sharks except about touchdown tommy wingels and couture...

Megalodon: Yeah, aren't those guys great? And come on, you have to be able to think of more people than that.

Spade: I really don't like or admire anyone else on that team.....wait I like the mascot also...

Megalodon: I suppose that's fair.

Spade: and although the goalies have been better than expected I really think they will let u down in the playoffs..especially with that D...marleau a -14? yoowsa..

Megalodon: Our teams' goals against per game is almost identical. Neither of us should be too confident in our defense. Anyways I think the Sharks will win tonight.

Spde: no way...HEADLINE NEXT DAY: Fowl gobble up Selachimorpha

Megalodon: This whole thing has been a huge disaster. Thanks for the effort, anyway.
Prediction: Ducks win 3-2 in OT goals by Maxim, Perry, Fowler with the game winner and spade shows meg his cock

Prediction: Sharks win 3-2 in OT with goals by Clowe, Couture, and Vlasic with the game winner. Meg calls the police on Spade.