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Ducks Gameday -- Early Season Composure

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Dallas Stars (5-1-0) at Anaheim Ducks (4-1-0), 7 pm
Defending Big D and Anaheim Calling -- drinking to (T)excess.

Four panels -- hooray!

Stars_ducks_season_start_1_medium Stars_ducks_season_start_2_medium Stars_ducks_season_start_3_medium Stars_ducks_season_start_4_medium

Don't fret, Sharks fans -- last year's Ducks also started the season 1-3-0.  Once vertigo sets in, you'll be fine!  :)

The other day BoC Blogger Emeritus Mike Chen forwarded me an e-mail from Joe Pelletier of the Greatest Hockey hockey history blog and asked me to share it with all of you:

Hi Mike.  I'm sure you are happy to have the hockey season back.

I wanted to let you know that I have unveiled my first e-book.  It's called Pucks On The 'Net.  The foreword was written by Kirstie McLellan Day (she wrote the autobiographies for Theo Fleury, Bob Probert and Ron MacLean).  It is available in major formats include Amazon Kindle, Chapters Kobo, Barnes and Noble Nook, Smashwords and all Apple/iTunes formats including iPad and iPhone.

For the first time ever I share my 1972 Summit Series confession; talks about my love for hockey and hockey books, remember my encounter with legendary author Jack Falla, and share my own most unusual story of hockey's most famous injury: losing his front teeth.  I also share some of the weird and unusual and even inspiring stories from the world of hockey history, be it in the National Hockey League, the world of International hockey, or my own life.

You can check it out at  I'd be curious to get your reaction to and to get your ideas on how to promote it.  I'm hoping you can also spread the word in your online writing and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you for helping spread the word!

Joe Pelletier

Feel free to check it out.  Word = spread!

Prediction: Once again, I'm watching tonight's game on tape delay -- that's seemed to work out so far this young season.  Don't text me unless you're drunk!  Ducks 5, Stars 4.  Goals by Koivu, Ryan x2, Lubo, and Parros.

Go Ducks.