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Ducks Gameday -- Approvements!

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Phoenix Coyotes (2-3-1) at Anaheim Ducks (4-2-0), 5 pm
Five For Howling and Anaheim Calling -- southwest is the southbest.

No time for any type of quality post this morning -- I was out of the house most of yesterday and will be out most of today, but I should be back by gametime (stop on by!).  And besides, I didn't end up watching a whole lot of the Ducks' last game -- thanks to some spoiler texts from a non-BoC-reading buddy of mine, I ended up fast forwarding through a bunch of it.  :)

But that's fine -- even when I don't have the time or preparation to be productive, SB Nation's tech team keeps delivering!  Woo hoo -- a pretty useful set of improvements on SBN's iPhone App!

SB Nation iPhone app - v1.1

This update is already available in iTunes, if you haven't already upgraded.  Go mobility!

Prediction: Ducks shockingly don't get scored on thirteen seconds into tonight's game.  Ducks 3, Coyotes 2.  Goals by Getzlaf, Ryan, and shootout winner by Perry.

Go Ducks.