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Ducks Gameday -- Where The Wild Are

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Anaheim Ducks (4-3-1) at Minnesota Wild (3-2-3), 5 pm
Anaheim Calling and Hockey Wilderness -- Anahype and Spinnesota.

Just a cartoon today -- you guys can provide the commentary and analysis in the comments.  :)


You might think I'm depressed after three straight games without a win, but perspective's still on my side.  The Ducks have only three regulation losses through their first eight games; last year they had three regulation losses in their first three games.  Progress!

I'll be around for game comments tonight, but only for the first period or so -- let's hope that's not too depressing.

Prediction: The Ducks start the game with impressive ferocity and the Wild are quickly subdued into obedience.  Many adventures ensue, but eventually the Ducks suffer from homesickness and then find out it was all a fucked-up dream anyways.

Go Ducks.