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Ducks Gameday -- Dead Pred Redemption

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Anaheim Ducks (5-3-1) at Nashville Predators (4-4-1), 5 pm
Anaheim Calling and On The Forecheck -- Stomp on by!

Hey everybody, it's nearly Halloween!  And I'm kind of in a rush this morning!

Well, at least neither character looks like a walrus.  :)

I suppose I should have gone with more of a "I Know What You Did Last Playoffs" horror motif, as there will certainly be some element of postseason revenge tonight, but in reality it's just another two-point game on a seven-game road trip.  Another opportunity to keep pace in an ever-crazy Western Conference race.

But yeah, Hiller's playing well and nobody of note is suspended -- wouldn't that have been nice for the Ducks last spring?

It seems that Pat Maroon's two-game audition on the top line is over -- he was sent back to Syracuse at least for the short term.  And that's fine -- he was sort of out of place with Getzlaf and Perry.  But the second line has been thriving since Bobby Ryan got added to the Finns, so I think that's probably going to mean another opportunity for...


I'm not totally sold on Beleskey's consistency, even when fully healthy, but he hasn't looked injured or anything so far -- he may be able to fill in with the top-line detectives just fine.  But then again, who knows?  Carlyle's insane.  :)

Prediction: I should be around tonight if anybody's feeling comment-y.  Ducks 4, Predators 2.  Goals by Frenchy, Douchey, Smelly, and Stompy.

Go Ducks.