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Ducks Over(pre)seas(on) Gameday -- Joker it!

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Anaheim Ducks (3-4-0) at Jokerit Helsinki (I'm not exactly sure what this means), 9 am
Anaheim Calling and, holy hell! SBN doesn't have a Jokerit blog yet?!

This post is going to be pretty hasty, as I arrived back on Californian soil late last night.  But still...

Anaheim Ducks Preseason Record by Couch Watchability

Television or Video Feed Available? GP Record GF/g GA/g GD/g
Yes, the game is watchable. 3 3-0-0 +3.33 -1.33 +2.00
No, it is radio-only. 4 0-4-0 +1.75 -5.25 -3.50

The Ducks have been a pretty good team when watched from fans' couches -- players can feel the extra eyeballs on their backs and hustle extra hard as a result.  They have not been very good when that option is unavailable, however -- Ducks players can sense when they're only being verbally described, and their motivation falters because of it.  On that note...

Oh shit...

REMINDER: #NHLDucks take on @JokeritHC Tuesday in an exhibition at 9AM PT.  Radio call on & AM 830.

C'mon, Anaheim Ducks "tech" team: for the sake of the Ducks' success, next preseason televise them all!

Anyways, make sure to check out Spade's fanpost for the likely game lineup, and while I'm a bit too travel-weary this morning to draw something new, I've compiled a bunch of loosely-related old BoC images to help celebrate today's unique Finland-centric matchup.  Enjoy!










That turtle street sign cracks me up -- so jovially unhelpful.  That was actually back from my one visit to Helsinki back when I was a Mighty Ducks fan.  Go memories.

Prediction: Some internet hero remembers that we live in the 21st century, finds us a video feed, and saves the day.  Ducks 4, Jokerit 2.  Two goals by Koivu and four goals by Selänne.

Go Suomi.