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Self-Survey: The SB Nation Reader Poll

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Hey BoCers,

SB Nation is running a reader survey to get your feedback on user experience, because unlike us, they're constantly working to improve their end-product.  :)  It's a confidential survey and doesn't take too long to fill out, and they've even added a bonus incentive: whichever 3 SB Nation sites have the highest percentage of members complete surveys will have a $500 donation to the charity of their choice, in their name.  That sounds both cool and tax-deductible -- win win!


BoC won't finish top-3 or anything as there's zero questions about burrito ingredients (if we do, I imagine we'll find a charity with the word 'Lokomotiv' in its mission statement), but it'd probably be a good thing if a few of the survey responses mentioned the name 'Battle of California' somewhere in there.  You know, for the next time we get ourselves in trouble.  :)

And it's also a chance to give the folks upstairs some sense about what works or what doesn't about the SB Nation megaplan.  To take the survey, click here:

Go network.