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Kings Gameday: Hooray!, Part II

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Next Game

Buffalo Sabres
@ Los Angeles Kings

Saturday, Oct 8, 2011, 11:00 AM PDT
O2 World Arena - Berlin, Germany

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Hey, that was pretty fun!

The Kings won yesterday, 3-2, thanks in equal parts to Anze Kopitar, Mike Richards, and the horrible penalties taken by the Rangers late in the third and in overtime. The game had kind of a weird pace to it and the fact that the Swedes sat on their hands all game gave it a spooky atmosphere, but who cares? The Kings got 2 points and that's what's important.

Only downsides: Trent Hunter kind of sucked and one of his turnovers led to what was then the go-ahead goal for the Rangers, while Quick looked way too amped up and out of control all game. (That first goal he allowed might be the worst goal he allows all season.) Also, Jack Johnson had a horrible breakout pass at one point that went directly to a Ranger, but Quick made the save.

But why dwell on the negative? The positives far outweigh them. On top of Richards and Kopitar being awesome, Alec Martinez played really well as did Matt Greene, Brad Richardson filled in for Dustin Penner quite nicely, and Justin Williams was doing great things with the puck all game. Johnson even scored the game winner and then freaking the fuck out about it, which was kind of funny. All in all, good first game.

Now, another game! Huzzah! The Kings play the Buffalo Sabres, who finished up their last preseason game against... wait, that was a real game? Like, it counted in the standings and everything? And the Ducks played like that? Hohoho, those guys. Such characters. Anyway, the Kings are playing the Buffalo Sabres. Should be a good game since the Sabres have a lot of skill on their team but the Kings are undoubtedly stronger down the middle. Will Richards & Kopitar continue their elite play at the expense of Derek Roy, Luke Adam and co.? Can Drew Doughty build upon his solid 26-minute effort yesterday and pitch in some offense? Can Jonathan Bernier get an early season edge on Jonathan Quick with a solid effort today? Will Lindy Ruff do a bunch of stuff to give his team the edge while Terry Murray just sort of stands their on the other bench? (Yes.) Stay tuned to find out!

Prediction: Kings win, 4-2. Goals by Brown, Williams, Gagne and Doughty.