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Ducks Gameday: more than meets the eye?

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hey look its jonathan cheechoo or

Next Game

Minnesota Wild
@ Anaheim Ducks

Sunday, Nov 13, 2011, 5:00 PM PST
Honda Center

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ill admit I didnt watch much of the game..except a glance or two at the casino sports bar..the theory was 11-11-11 should be a lucky day..i should win big or somthing.....that quite didn't work i couldnt win to save my life...kinda like the i decided to just pig out on some scrumcious buffet ...i was getting constant updates thru my phone...1 ducks..goal..then 2..then 3?..i was like wtf? is this real ducks team?..or just a lucky period?..was there more to this years ducks team?..kinda like the picture above...or are the ducks who we thought they were? dennis green once said


the ducks are who we thought they were

well the ducks reverted back to who we thought they were and almost blew it in the 3rd...Im not yet convinced....sorry there isnt more to this post then meets the eye...but im sick..and I cant be awesome all the time "it cant rain all the time" tear


yea some dufus actually tattoed that on themselves

ducks win 5-1 and prove spade and most ducks fans wrong. goals by superstar holland, pellyX2, perry and an appearance by Brandon Lee's corpse