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Ducks Gameday -- Uncle Sleek is busy!

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Detroit Red Wings (10-7-1) at Anaheim Ducks (Fire Carlyle), 5 pm
Winging It In Motown and Anaheim Calling -- insert stupid pun here.

In a complete side-story irrelevant to hockey, it's Thanksgiving week, and my brother, his wife, and his 4- and 1-year-old children are staying at my place for the week.  I honestly believe it's the first time that somebody younger than 20 has been inside my house -- let's hope nobody not everybody dies!

But no time for much blogging or hockey today -- Sleek's nephew needs lots of attention!  Here's an old cartoon for you.  :)


In the meantime, here's some slight encouragement for Ducks fans -- visitors this season who have spent two days playing two games in Southern California have shown a strong pattern of alternation, and with the Kings' loss yesterday, it's theoretically the Ducks' turn to cash in today.

Teams playing in Anaheim and Los Angeles on consecutive days this season

Visiting Team First Game Second Game Two Game Result
Dallas Stars 10/21 @ANA W 3-1 10/22 @LAK L 0-1 One win, one loss
Nashville Predators 11/8   @LAK L 3-4 11/9   @ANA W 4-2 One win, one loss
Vancouver Canucks 11/10 @LAK W 3-2 11/11 @ANA L 3-4 One win, one loss
Minnesota Wild 11/12 @LAK L 2-5 11/13 @ANA W 3-2 One win, one loss
Detroit Red Wings 11/19 @LAK W 4-1 11/20 @ANA ??? ???

Prediction: Pattern gets broken.  Ducks decide to Carlyle instead of winning.

Go idiots.