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Ducks Lossday -- Leaf us alone!

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Toronto Maple Leafs (not sure how they're doing) at Anaheim Ducks (Fire Carlyle), 6 pm
Pension Plan Puppets and Anaheim Calling -- Happy Burkey Day.

Whew!  Finally the last of my visiting relatives is back on a plane back eastward, but once again I've got very little to write about today's game -- next post I promise to spend a little time planning.  Here's something cute and vaguely relevant from the archives, though:

Oompah Lupul!

I assume Lupul will score multiple goals today, especially if he goes up against Ryan Getzlaf at even-strength.  If you didn't see the Ducks' third period last game, here's the gist of it:

  • Ducks lead 4-2 to start the period.  Both teams are playing 5-on-5.
  • At one minute in, Ryan Getzlaf takes his first shift.  It lasts 32 seconds.  During that shift the Ducks are scored on twice.
  • At 3:19, Getzlaf takes his second shift.  14 seconds into that, the Ducks are scored on again.

Yup -- his first 46 seconds of 3rd period playing time led to three 5-on-5 goals against, and Chicago led the rest of the game.  Go Captain Costly!

Prediction: I thought I was recording this game, but it turns out I'll now be around to watch it live.  Ducks shockingly win a game, despite Oompah Lupul's three points.

Fire Carlyle.