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Kings Gameday: Movember

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Nashville Predators
@ Los Angeles Kings

Tuesday, Nov 8, 2011, 7:30 PM PST
Staples Center

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I know, I know. You're allowed to make fun only if you donate at least a buck. It's for charity, dickheads. My favorite insults so far:

-"You look like Tim Blake Nelson."

-"You look like a gay Freddie Mercury."

-"It looks like a mouse-stache."

-"Stop sending me pictures of your pubes."


Some positives from last night:

-Kopitar had a few poor games by his standards recently but the last 2... Jesus, dude. He's trying his best to carry this team on his back.

-Drew Doughty had an effective game. The Kings split Mitchell-Doughty & Scuderi-Johnson against the Thornton & Marleau lines, and neither line scored when Mitchell-Doughty were on the ice. When Scuderi-Johnson were on the ice, well...

-...The power play looked good?

The Kings' biggest problem right now is a lack of secondary scoring. Apparently Moreau-Stoll-Richardson can't put the puck in the back of the net. Crazy, right? I KNOW. The obvious solution is to call up Andrei Loktionov because he's averaging a point a game in the AHL while playing with Marc-Andre Cliche and Jordan Goddamn Nolan, but the Kings don't want to put either him or Jarret Stoll at wing. Well... why not this:


For Kopitar's sake.


Richards gets a chance to jump on the break a little more, while Stoll gets to play with skilled players for a change.


Take the 2 guys that need to get things going offensively and put them with the new guy. They're playing easy minutes. Put Richardson at right wing if you want someone to cover for Loktionov.


Fuck Moreau. Clifford can get sent down or play instead of Moreau while the Kings waive Hunter or Moreau.

Just an idea. After a while, when Penner gets going, the Kings can move him back to the 2nd line and then the Kings can decide between Loktionov and Stoll.


Prediction: I get the cops called on me at least once this month.