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Ducks Gameday -- Did somebody order a lucky green shirt appearance?

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Nashville Predators (7-5-2) at Anaheim Ducks (5-6-3), 7 pm
On The Forecheck and Anaheim Calling -- give us now our daily Preds.

It's time to suck some poison out of the Ducks.

Of course there's plenty to be angry about Anaheim's completed road trip -- embarrassing loss after embarrassing loss, with nobody offering support for poor Teemu Selanne (Selanne ended up scoring on ten of eleven Anaheim goals, plus he scored the only two successful shootout attempts on the trip; now he leads the Ducks in scoring and penalty minutes).  Even the one victory on the trip was kind of disappointing, as it probably kept the C on Getzlaf's sweater.

And yeah, that's agonizing stuff for a Ducks fan, but for the past five days or so I've been dealing with my own much more personal agony.  Last Thursday, probably because of years of angry, slouchy blogging, I developed a pinched nerve in my neck/shoulder, and it hurt like hell.  I couldn't sit still at all, and it was awful trying to sleep at night -- Thursday night and Friday night I probably got like 3 hours of sleep each night.

But there's good news!  Thanks to a connection in the choir I'm getting free treatment on the bum shoulder, and while I'm not 100% recovered, I'm a solid 95% -- my volunteer acupressurist/acupuncturist is awesome!  I have yet to take any needles, but yesterday I got some solid treatment that involved "fire cupping" -- something I'd only seen on TV.  And while Spade has been calling for my head as an option for a sacrifice to the hockey gawds, I feel like I've already given a little bit of myself during this process -- check it out!

Now Spade knows exactly where to pat me on the back tonight!

Bottom line: I'm on my way to recovery, and will be fine to attend tonight's game!  Hooray!  Now we've just got to find a way to fire cup the Ducks.

Not that great, but first cartoon on the new shoulder. :)

Spade, myself, and two other Ducks buddies will be attending tonight in the ol' Row B seats -- look for us on TV or if you're at the arena, stop by and punch me in the shoulder.  I'll be the dude in the typically-lucky green shirt with hot cup marks underneath.  With the way the Ducks have been playing, it may not be a very good hockey game to attend, but who knows?  Lucky green shirt was in Row B for the one playoff win at Honda Center last spring.


Prediction: My shoulder holds up just fine, but after the game, Spade gets arrested for showing a group of girls his "leg wand".

Go Ducks.