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Ducks Gameday -- Kirby Your Enthusiasm

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Anaheim Ducks (29th in NHL) at Nashville Predators (1st in SONA), 5 pm
Anaheim Calling and On The Forecheck -- Perry Piper popped a puck past Pekka's pokecheck.

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Coach Kirby, away!

Yeah, I was messing around with images this morning -- awwwww. :)

Man, I just don't fucking get it -- what started as a promising idea just doesn't seem to be working out. Sure, a new system got established that theoretically should have improved on the old system's flaws, but now that it's implemented, all we're left with is a bunch of confusion and frustration. Rather than improve on what we had a month ago, we've taken a step backwards.

It's time to repair the solution.

I'm talking, of course, about my Cox cable box, which recently underwent a channel restructure.

You see, until recently, Cox had all its HD channels in the 700s. There was some general grouping of channels, but there was sports mixed with movies mixed with Discovery channel and the like. And while it did have some flaws (I'd really like to hide channels more easily), it was a system I grew accustomed to.

Then somebody in some board room somewhere had a revelation -- let's switch all the HD channels to the 1000s, to better mirror the basic channel system. Basic channels will be 10XX, movie channels will be 12XX, and whatever sort of grouping exists on the non-HD channels can be fully mirrored on the HD channels.

So Cox did it, but it sucks -- I'm totally lost now. I'm so used to having certain channels next to each other that it's really throwing me for a loop. And while that's just a transitional discomfort, what really irks me is this:

I really don't want to press a fucking four-digit combination of buttons to switch channels. Now that I think about it, three digits is even a bit much, but I've lived with that, I guess. But to move my guide around, to jump from one program to another, whatever -- this fourth digit is a pain in the ass. So please, Cox -- flip-flop it. Make the standard channels in the 1000s, and simplify things for your HD-paying customers.

(Also, there's really no need to have HD versions of your radio channels -- that's just awful.)

And someday, make my cable box smarter so that it knows what channels I'm watching and groups all those together naturally. But that's down the road a bit. :)

Prediction: I'm watching delayed tonight (thanks to the mostly-awesome marvels of modern cable boxes!), so have fun without me. Predators get Kirby'd, whatever that means.

Go Ducks.