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Ducks Gameday -- Once in a Wild

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Minnesota Wild (cruisin') at Anaheim Ducks (bruisin'), 5 pm
Hockey Wilderness and Anaheim Calling -- one good Koivu deserves another.

Crap -- over-procrastinated again ("FIRE SLEEK!"). Friday night I got caught up with a couple of buddies in a viewing of Super 8, which shockingly had nothing to do with Teemu Selanne or Alexander Ovechkin. Then yesterday I watched most of the recording of Friday night's game, but other than "man, I hate blowing three goal leads", I don't have too much to say about it -- it'll still be about two weeks before we can start blaming or crediting Boudreau for anything on the ice, though.

The first time I posted this cartoon, the Ducks actually won a game (then lost 13 of their next 14)!

The collapse at the end of Coach Kirby's coaching debut certainly wasn't an ideal start (though it may lead to a new captain?), but hey, positivity! Nine western conference teams played yesterday and only two picked up standings points -- at least it felt good to pay attention to the out of town scoreboard again. :)

Prediction: I'm out of the house most of today, but I should get home pretty soon after puck drop -- stop on by for game comments! Ducks 4, Wild 2. Goals by Maxwell, Fowler, Perry, and one of the Koivus.

Go Ducks.