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BoC Gameday -- The Cartoonist's Realignment Test

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Los Angeles Kings (off and on) at Anaheim Ducks (off and off), 7 pm
Jewels From The Crown and Anaheim Calling -- we all miss you, Lubo.

Realignment, eh? Well, I may need to practice up a bit drawing characters for the teams joining the Ducks, Kings, Sharks, and Coyotes, but this first pass seems to have gone all right -- so count me among the supporters of the new Pacific Division West Conference!

So long, Wild-Stars.

Plus there's a fair amount of postlockout playoff history between these two sets of teams:

Old Northwest vs. Old Pacific (excluding MIN and DAL) playoff matchups since the lockout:

Year and Round Series Result
2006 Round 1 ANA 4, CGY 3
2006 Round 2 EDM 4, SJS 2
2006 Round 2 ANA 4, COL 0
2006 Round 3 EDM 4, ANA 1
2007 Round 2 ANA 4, VAN 1
2008 Round 1 SJS 4, CGY 3
2010 Round 1 SJS 4, COL 2
2010 Round 1 VAN 4, LAK 2
2011 Round 3 VAN 4, SJS 1

9 playoff rounds in that table above, with the old Pacific winning 5 of them, and no matchup occurring more than once. It should be cool to see some rematches a year-plus from now, I'd think. Hooray for vengeance!

Prediction: I should be around tonight for game comments -- stop on by! Although I'll be really tempted to turn off the TV should the Ducks manage to score the game's first two goals. :)

Go Ducks.