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Sharks Gameday: The Goal is Goals

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Joe Thornton loves this caption. He can't look away! He's fascinated by the little letters.
Joe Thornton loves this caption. He can't look away! He's fascinated by the little letters.

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San Jose Sharks
@ Florida Panthers

Sunday, Feb 13, 2011, 2:00 PM PST
BankAtlantic Center

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Hey, Sharks, go score some freaking goals, huh?

Maybe you got cocky when Niemi was playing so well and you guys got that whole "defense" thing figured out for a while, and thought you could get away with just scoring one or two goals a game. Don't be stupid.

I'm talking especially to the three dudes up front who make around 7 million dollars a piece because they're supposed to score. You know, the three guys right below Logan Couture ($1.2 million) in goals on the team.

Joe Thornton supposedly does a bunch of great stuff even when he's not scoring, takeaways and whatever else, but all I know is that last night he had a couple of terrible giveaways that easily could have been Devils goals. You need to score, Joe.

Dany Heatley has just nineteen goals. That makes me want to vomit in anger. 

Patrick Marleau, I know you're trying - keep it up.

Regarding the Panthers: When people think about the Panthers they often think about the crazy '95-96 season when they made it all the way to the finals before being swept by the Avalanche. The Panthers made the playoffs the season after that and lost in the first round, then repeated the effort in 99-00 with another first-round exit. Since then, they've never qualified for the playoffs. They've been "rebuilding" or whatever for ten years and they're still the worst team in the Southeast division.

I don't really have a point to all this, I just think it's shockingly tragic and/or hilarious.

Prediction: Sharks score goals - I don't care who. Win 5-2.