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Ducks Gameday -- Guardian Advice

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Anaheim Ducks (31-21-4) at Edmonton Oilers (16-31-8), 5 pm
Anaheim Calling and The Copper & Blue -- won't you be my blog valentine?

Another gameday, another rushed post -- I won't be around much at all today, especially during gametime, as I've got a choir concert this evening.  Have fun without me!

Anyways, at the NHL Guardians headquarters:


After earning wins in Vancouver (8-2-3 over their previous 13 games) and Calgary (10-1-2 over their previous 13), now the Ducks get to visit last-in-the-league Edmonton (2-10-1 over their last 13) -- we probably should expect a letdown from the "we only hustle against dominant teams" Ducks.

Prediction: Ducks win a game they deserve to lose.  Lucky goal by Baldy.

Go Ducks.