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Battle of California Fantasy Report: Week 17

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Premier Match-up

Anzeholics Anonymous vs. Kitten Mittens

Kitten Mittens wins 9-2!

MVP: Alexandre Burrows helped the Mittens win the goal category. 

LVP: Chris Stewart, no goals, no assists, minus five, plus he's ugly. 

Antti Niemi had an amazing week for the Kitten Mittens. Right now he's the best player to have from the Sharks.


Wiki-Sharks vs. McSorley's Stick

Wiki-Sharks wins 14-0!

MVP: There's this guy on the Islanders named Michael Grabner that I just picked up last week. He had eight goals this week. 

LVP: The team manager, asleep at the switch. 

Jonathan Quick can see through time.


Sleek and Destroy vs. Quid Pro Clowe

Sleek and Destroy wins 10-2!

MVP: Mr. Robert "Bobby" Ryan had a good week. 

LVP: The team manager has three guys on IR. 

Oh, wait - four guys on the IR: I just noticed that one of his goalies is hurt too.



Teal Blades wins 7-4!

MVP: Joe Pavelski! Woooooo! 

LVP: Rudy made a bunch of changes to his roster this week, but then he didn't bother to set up his team, so what's the point of that? 

This report is taking me a long time to write because I'm watching In The Mouth of Madness at the same time.


IAmJoe(Pavelski) vs.Setoguchi's Revenge

Setoguchi's Revenge wins 7-4!

MVP: Rick Nash, decent hockey player. 

LVP: It looks like the team manager didn't set up IAmJoe(Pavelski) this week.

Some really weird stuff is happening in this movie.


BROWS vs. spades lil bandito's

spades lil bandito's wins 8-5!

MVP: Teemu Selanne, getting it done once again. 

LVP: Whoa, bad times for Ryan Miller.

Practical special effects are so much creepier than CGI, even when they look fake.


Fournick Gators vs. Slappyville Freezers

Tie, 6-6.

MVP: Patrick Kane had seven points.

MVP: Niklas Backstrom is proving to be good once again.

This movie graphically portrays the danger of reading books.


2 Live Drew vs. Intaglio

2 Live Drew wins 8-7!

MVP: Jonas Hiller had one good game. 

LVP: What a crazily terrible season this has been for Alex Ovechkin.

These days, whenever I see a movie starring Sam Neil, I like to think of it as documenting the life of paleontologist Dr. Grant from Jurassic Park, either before or after the events of that film. Looking at it that way, this dude's had a really rough life.


Although now that I think of it Sam Neil did play the Antichrist in one of the Omen movies and an evil vampire businessman in Daybreakers so I guess he deserves all the bad stuff that happens to him.