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Ducks Gameday -- Another Finn to Winn in Minn.

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Anaheim Ducks (32-22-4) at Minnesota Wild (30-22-5), 5 pm
Anaheim Calling and Hockey Wilderness -- otherwise known as "Koivu Nation".

It seems the 9-man logjam on the Anaheim blueline has found some relief.  The Ducks traded Paul Mara to the Montreal Canadiens for a 5th round pick before sending a 6th round pick to Ottawa for Finnish winger Jarkko Ruutu. This is a good thing, it seems -- the Ducks can play twelve forwards in the near future (though not tonight, I think -- work visas or something).

Ruutu is a little unique in that I already have an assigned nickname for him:

Welcome aboard, Jar Jar.

And hell -- whenever I get around to continuing my Star Wars rip-off saga (Episode 4, Episode 5), he'll fit right in.  :)

Prediction: Getzlaf's baby is born with more hair than the father.

Go Ducks.