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Kings Gameday: Kyle Clifford is a Bad Man

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Minnesota Wild
@ Los Angeles Kings

Thursday, Feb 24, 2011, 7:30 PM PST

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Dan Carcillo

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Brad Staubitz

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I love Kyle Clifford. Yeah he's pretty crappy offensively (he's only 20!) and he's still developing defensively (he's only 20!) but holy hell can he fight. Look at his quick draw in that video; he's like the Wild Bill Hickock of hockey pugilists. My favorite thing about him is how he's not really a lunatic, in that he doesn't go nuts like Dan Carcillo or talk trash like Sean Avery. He just skates around with a small smile and then silently beats the shit out of people.

I think what makes Clifford different from other guys is that it doesn't seem like he thinks he's doing anything weird. Other guys know fighting someone is kind of weird and need to put themselves into a mental state where that's acceptable; Clifford seems to do it because it's fun. I can't imagine him at a barbecue or in a jacuzzi or laughing; I think he sits at home, no TV or lights, and waits for the game so he can pummel someone again. He's actually crazy, I think, and that's awesome. I can't wait until he's 25 or so; 30 points a season while skating on a stopper line from the best middleweight in the NHL will be pretty cool to watch.

Prediction: Kings win, 3-1. Goals by Doughty, Williams and Clifford. Clifford takes Brad Staubitz's soul in a fight.