Kings Trade For Dustin Penner

The Kings traded for Dustin Penner, sending off Colten Teubert, a 1st round pick and some conditional pick (unknown exactly the terms right now). Penner will likely fill (and then some!) the 1st line left wing role that was a glaring hole for much of the season. Penner is a smart player that is good off the puck and great digging in the corners. I kind of hate him but he will fit in well next to Kopitar. I don't know much about his defensive game and he's kind of known for being lazy, but the fact that he'll be in a playoff hunt and then a contract year next season means he'll likely be trying. If things go right, Penner can replace Smyth as the resident "Guy who stands in front of the net and who I also hate."

Colten Teubert? What about him? Fuck that guy, I always hated him.

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