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Willie Mitchell: Cool Dude

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You know who's cool? Willie Mitchell. He's a cool dude. I like him. You should too. Why? Here's why:

1) Willie Mitchell has the lowest offensive zone start rate on the Kings. He is also tied for the highest quality of competition among Kings' defensemen with Rob Scuderi. In spite of that, his goals allowed per 60 minutes is the lowest of all defensemen on the Kings (1.51). For comparison's sake, Scuderi's GA/60 is 2.07.

2) Willie Mitchell has taken 2 minor penalties this season. (Actually 3, but the other 1 was a coincidental minor for roughing). 1 penalty was the other night for high-sticking and the other was a holding penalty back on Januray 18th. Since he's the Kings' best penalty killer, it's crucial that he stays out of the box.

3) Earlier this year, he made Steve Downie look like a tool. (Not very hard, I know, but still funny.)

4) Speaking of penalty killing: Willie Mitchell is 6th among everyday defensemen in short handed time on ice per game, spending about 3:44 on the ice when the Kings are a man down.

5) Last season, the Kings killed 80.3% of their penalties, good for 20th in the league. This season, they're killing 83.3% of their penalties, good for 12th in the league. Most of that is due to Jonathan Quick (his save percentage when the Kings are a man down is .893, up from .853 last year) but a part of it is due to Willie Mitchell's replacing and exceeding Sean O'Donnell's production last year.

6) Willie Mitchell looks like either the guitarist from Goldfinger or One-Eyed Jack from Long Kiss Goodnight, depending on the angle.

7) Willie Mitchell is a King.

8) If you're not a fan of the Kings, don't fear; Mitchell will probably get hurt at the worst possible time and sink the Kings' hopes. So you got that going for you.