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Battle of California Fantasy Report: Week 16

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Premier Match-up

Wiki-Sharks vs. Sleek and Destroy

Wiki-Sharks wins 7-6!

MVP: Jonathan Quick lived up to his name, and was extremely Jonathan this week.

LVP: Evgeni Malkin leads the league in injuries, but that's about it.

Victory! U-S-A! U-S-A!


Anzeholics Anonymous vs. Teal Blades

Teal Blades wins 12-3!

MVP: Antero Niittymaki wins the MVP for getting injured and not playing at all, so that Teal Blades' only goalie game was Brent Johnson's shut-out. Also Pronger had a good week, I guess.

LVP: The best thing Kris Letang has done recently was stumble during the All-Star draft.

Seriously Letang sucks.

Kitten Mittens vs. BROWS

Kitten Mittens wins 14-1!

MVP: Ilya Kovalchuk put together some solid numbers, finally.

LVP: Mike didn't set up his team.

14-1. Ouch.


IAmJoe(Pavelski) vs. Fournick Gators

Fournick Gators wins 10-5!

MVP: All of Fournick Gators goalies were amazing: Martin Brodeur, Marc-Andre Fleury, and Dwayne Roloson.

LVP: Corey Crawford as one of your goalies? Why?

Goalies are important.




MVP: Jeff Carter had five points.

LVP: One of the goalies for Quid Pro Clowe is playing in the AHL now, and the other one is Jaroslav Halak.

Neither of these guys set up their teams, so let's just move on.


McSorley's Stick vs. 2 Live Drew

2 Live Drew wins 11-1!

MVP: Boy do I ever hate Corey Perry.

LVP: This one is on the manager.

This was a battle between the worst and best teams in our league, and it ended exactly like you would expect.


spades lil bandito's vs. Setoguci's revenge

Setoguchi's revenge wins 7-6!

MVP: Daniel Sedin had one goal and seven assists. That's not fair at all.

LVP: Andrew Ladd? More like Andrew Badd.

If Andrew Ladd ever has a good week I'm totally going to call him Andrew Radd.


Slappyville Freezers vs. Intaglio

Tie 7-7.

MVP: Pekka Rinne had insane numbers this week for the Freezers.

MVP: Alex Ovechkin I guess? I don't even know any more.

A tie. How exciting.....NOT!