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Ducks Gameday -- Pacific Assistance

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St. Louis Blues (31-29-9) at Anaheim Ducks (37-27-5), 7 pm
St. Louis Game Time and Anaheim Calling -- the Andy Mac Fan Club!

Woo hoo!  Sure the Ducks had a disheartening loss on Sunday, but thankfully yesterday's out-of-town scoreboard went Anaheim's way for once.  The seventh-seeded Stars got no points against the Sharks last night; the eighth-seeded Flames got no points against the Coyotes, and the ninth-seeded Predators got no points against the Kings.  All games were pretty close, and the front end of the playoff bubble moved a bit further away, but for the short term, the Ducks have been handed another opportunity to win their way into the top eight.

Hooray! I'm not in Vegas!

I don't think there's ever been a day in the history of the universe when all three BoC teams have sat among the western conference's top eight, but I suppose it's possible.  In fact, it could work out that all five Pacific Division teams would sit among the top eight after tonight's game, though that probably can't be sustained with a division-heavy finish to the season schedule.

I should be around for game comments tonight; let's hope the Ducks can make yesterday's out-of-town scoreboard results truly meaningful.

Aside: If any of you are Katamari Damacy fans, or maybe even if you're not, I was forwarded this link last night, and it's adorable.  Basically, copy this text into a web browser while you're on any page, let the hack load, then mouse around and pick up the pieces.

javascript:var i,s,ss=['',''];for(i=0;i!=ss.length;i++){s=document.createElement('script');s.src=ss[i];document.body.appendChild(s);}void(0);

Na naa, na na na na na na na, na na naa na na na.

Prediction: The first game of the Ducks-Blues season series took place in St. Louis; the Blues scored 5 goals for an easy victory.  The second game was in Anaheim; the Ducks scored 7 goals for an easy victory.  The third game was back in St. Louis; the Blues scored 9 goals for an easy victory.  So I guess the trend says the Ducks score 11 tonight?  Goals by every forward except Marchant.

Go Ducks.