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Kings Gameday: Another Anaheim Team No One Likes

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Thursday, Mar 17, 2011, 7:30 PM PDT

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If you folks haven't been following the NBA, you might not know that the Sacramento Kings are in a dispute over their arena. They currently play in the Arco Arena and, like everything else in Sacramento, the Arco Arena is a miserable piece of shit. They're trying to bleed the city dry convince the city to help build a new stadium but so far attempts have been unsuccessful.  The Kings have resorted to threats that they might move. Where, you ask? Maybe San Jose, since it's very close? Kansas City, since they have a brand new arena with no tenant? Nope.


They're planning on moving to Anaheim.

This is baffling. Southern California isn't even big enough for 2 basketball teams, let alone 3. The Lakers have the market cornered on rich white douche bags, which means Orange County is completely Laker territory. And the Clippers' entire fanbase is comprised of out-of-towners who want cheaper tickets to see Lebron and people who hate the Lakers.  Who the fuck is going to go to a Anaheim King Royal game?

Oh yeah, they're going to be called the Anaheim Royals. Sweet. They'll be the best team in the WNBA. There is one bright spot, I guess; now I don't need to have a small heart attack every time I go to and see, "King player tears ACL,"  before I realize they mean someone on the Sacramento team.

It's possible this is just a bluff by the Sacramento owners (those douche bags who owned the Palms and now have no money) and it's sketchy if the Clippers & Lakers even let another team move in without a hefty relocation fee. If it doesn't happen, though... hooray? Seriously, does anyone care? I care only in that I'll get to go to a Raptor-Royal game and cheer loudly for the Raptors while everyone around me is too confused to tell me to shut up.


Same shit, different day: really important game, can't afford to give points away, need Anze Kopitar to keep up his stellar play, blah blah blah.

Prediction: Kings win, 4-3. Goals by Williams, Doughty, Ponikarovsky & Stoll. Everyone forgets that being Irish is nothing to be proud of.