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Sharks Gameday: Not the Canucks?

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Two <strike>of the best</strike> Western Conference teams will face off tonight.
Two of the best Western Conference teams will face off tonight.

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Vancouver Canucks St. Louis Blues
@ San Jose Sharks

Saturday, Mar 19, 2011, 7:30 PM PDT
HP Pavilion

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Note: I originally thought this game was against the current league-leaders, the Vancouver Canucks. I noticed my mistake at the last minute, so just crossed out everything I wrote that doesn't apply to the Blues. I hope it still makes sense!

This is a huge game for the Sharks. This is a statement game.

The Sharks face an opponent that has been the most dominant force in the West all season long, a team that most expected to contend for the Stanley Cup prior to the start of this season, and which hasn't disappointed thus far.

The Canucks Blues are an unbelievable hockey team. They have some of the most talented offensive players in the league, their defense is stupidly good, and their starting goalie, while not performing very well in last year's playoffs, has been well above average so far this year. Really, there isn't a single thing they don't do well.

A big win tonight would mean much more than just two points.

Go Sharks!

Prediction: Sharks win 4-2, with goals from Marleau, Couture, Pavelski, and Setoguchi Thornton.