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Kings Gameday: None More Black

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Next Game

Calgary Flames
@ Los Angeles Kings

Monday, Mar 21, 2011, 7:30 PM PDT
Staples Center

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This has been a very poorly kept secret, but the Kings are likely to change their primary uniforms next season. The current third jersey — the black jersey with the "LA" logo — is scheduled to become the full-time home jersey, while a newly created white version of that jersey would become the full-time road jersey. The current home jersey, the black-and-purple jersey with the crown logo, would become the third jersey.

-Rich Hammond, Yesterday

I don't give a shit about uniform design nearly as much as Meg does, but still, that logo is stupid. Either be a crown or rep LA, but doing both inside the pencil I used all through 6th grade is dumb. And where's the bottom of the jersey? It just... ends. It's a nice idea (I like the black & white) but it could be made a lot better if someone hadn't hired their slacker nephew to design it. Just take the regular crown and put it on the front! Wouldn't that make a ton more sense? Or, you know, just wear the forum blue & gold jerseys because every single person who has seen them loves them.

I do like those helmets, though.


For some reason, Corey Perry is getting some mumblings for the Hart. People do realize that he's probably cost his team about 6 goals in penalties this season, right? And he's been on the ice for the most even-strength goals against of any forward in the NHL this season? And he's a piece of shit? People realize all this, right? Why are people mentioning him and not Jonas Hiller?


The Flames had a back-breaking loss last night. They're going to come out firing tonight but they should fade as last night's game starts wearing on them. The Kings could all but end their season with a win tonight. That would be awesome, mostly because it'd make Ryan Lambert real mad and I think he's still bitter about the Kings ending the Flames' seasons in 1990 and 1993. Oh well, maybe if the Flames had a goaltender that was better than Miikka Kiprusoff they might have made the playoffs. They'd probably be in if they had someone as good as Jonathan Quick!

Prediction: Kings win, 3-1. Goals by Stoll, Handzus and Brown.