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Sharks Gameday: ITPSTD

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San Jose Sharks
@ Los Angeles Kings

Thursday, Mar 24, 2011, 7:30 PM PDT

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If the playoffs started today (hereafter shortened to "ITPSTD"), all three California teams would be in. Four out of five Pacific Division teams would be in the playoffs, in fact, leaving out only Dallas (hah!).

ITPSTD, the Ducks would play the Canucks, and the Sharks and Kings would play each other. This is very exciting.

Because of the Battle of California significance, I'm rooting for a Sharks - Kings matchup in the playoffs, though I'd be happier if it didn't have to come in the first round. In an ideal world these two teams would be the final two in the Western Conference. An all-California Western Conference Final would be amazing.

A Ducks-Canucks match-up would be awesome. I'm not sold on the Canucks as true playoff performers yet, and a first-round encounter with Anaheim would really test both teams.

ITPSTD, which team would you most like your team to play against? What other first-round match-up not involving your team would you most like to see?

Today is a busy day on BoC. Feel free to comment about tonight's Sharks-Kings game on whichever post you like - especially Earl's.

Prediction: Sharks win 5-2. Marleau and Mitchell each score one to complete their two-game hat-tricks. Couture, White, and Pavelski also score.