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BoC: Brotherly Love Or Sibling Rivalry?

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I admit it. While at the Shark Tank last night, I checked the score of the Dallas/Anaheim game and was actually rooting for The Team That Sleek Built. I think Ryan Getzlaf is a big doo-doo head but I love Sleek's cartoons. I think Corey Perry is an ass-douche but Spade cracks me up. (I don't hate Teemu Selanne, though; he's just so darn lovable.)

Same thing with the Kings. I watched the Flames/Kings game and really rooted hard for the Kings even though I can't stand Dustin Brown and I share Rudy's sentiments on Ryan Smyth. Yes, it's true -- while I may dislike our SoCal NHL teams, I can't stay mad at our BoC brethren.

Three-point games? I say let's do it and screw the rest of the Western Conference. If the Sharks have to win or lose to somebody, I'd rather have it be a BoC team so we can keep the comment fun rolling. Agree? Disagree? Or am I just delirious from staring at Patrick Marleau's smile too long?

(Oh, and doesn't Calgary deserve a State Rape cartoon? Yeah, they got points but they're not winning anything but Jack and Shit...and Shit Jack left town. -- corrected at 9:57AM because I can't get my Army Of Darkness quote right the first time)