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Sharks Gameday: Read Wings

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Detroit Red Wings
@ San Jose Sharks

Thursday, Mar 3, 2011, 7:30 PM PST
HP Pavilion

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Today's gameday features quotes I got from this page, which generates a list of random famous quotes. I'll try to tie each one to the Sharks situation in some way or, failing that, at least to hockey.

Keep your broken arm inside your sleeve.

-Chinese Proverb

Is this that "traditional Chinese medicine" everyone's always talking about? Doesn't sound that good to me.

This quote is a pretty good fit for the Sharks. Obviously the message is that you should be cautious with your weaknesses, so as not to let your opponents know about them or expose yourself to further troubles, and that's exactly what the Sharks are doing. Dan Boyle may miss his third straight game tonight with an injury located somewhere north of his waistline. Scott Nichol and Kent Huskins are on the IR, so they'll be out. Antero Niittymaki has been "almost ready to return" for a long time now, so it's hard to know what to expect from him, but at least he doesn't have vertigo, right?

Justin Braun played in place of Boyle against the Avalanche, and he had a solid game. He logged over 16 minutes of ice time, which, while last amongst defensemen for the game, was only about a minute and a half less play time than Ian White, who had the most for the night. Compare this to a few weeks ago when the Sharks previously played the Avalanche: in that game Boyle led all Sharks with 19:29 for ice time, while Jason Demers had 15:16 and Niclas Wallin only had 14:14. Without Boyle (or Huskins) in the lineup all the other Sharks defenders are having to play more, and this will likely be a good thing for the team in the long run. Younger players like Braun are getting quality NHL experience and Dan Boyle is able to rest after spending most of the season near the top of the league in minutes played.

Broken arm in the sleeve? Check.

Act as if it were impossible to fail.

-Dorothea Brande

Self-confidence is good and everything, but crazy-optimistic quotes like this have always sort of bugged me. Is this REALLY a good idea? What if I took this advice with me to Las Vegas? Or up to the top of a building to test the man-powered flying machine I just invented?

It could be dangerous, is what I'm trying to say.

Even though the Sharks odds of making the playoffs currently sit above 95%, they definitely shouldn't get complacent. Their odds of winning the division are still only about 65%, and with the West as competitive as it is a top-3 finish in the conference is an advantage the Sharks shouldn't let slip away. 

A pretty woman is a welcome guest.

-Lord Byron

Whatever, Lord Byron, everyone knows you're gay. It's nothing to be ashamed of, man. Quit trying to hide it.

The best cure for worry, depression, melancholy, brooding, is to go deliberately forth and try to lift with one's sympathy the gloom of somebody else.

-Arnold Bennett

This quote reminded me of the "positivity" thing that I did to try to get rid of the Sharks' bad mojo last year in the playoffs. Let's call this a sign from the hockey gods and engage in a bit of that "Happy Loving Thoughts" stuff.

Detroit: Your team is, once again, really really good. Your scouts and managers and everyone else associated with your team is really great at their jobs, and you just keep finding good young talent. The rest of the league has been waiting for you guys to drop off for ten years now, and you just won't do it. I'm continually impressed.

And for good measure...

Ducks: Don't worry guys, you'll get it together. Correy Perry is having an amazing year and you guys were playing really well for a long time. You guys can easily recapture some of that quality play and secure a top-8 spot, and you'll be a team that scares anybody who has to play you in the playoffs.

Teemu Selanne is great too.

Kings: You guys still have the best defense and goalie in the Pacific, and you don't pay a ton of money for any of them. Adding Dustin Penner up front was a smart move. You guys are solid.

That's that. I feel good, how about you?

Prediction: Sharks win 4-3, with goals from White, Couture, Clowe, and Marleau.