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Battle of California Fantasy Report: Week 20

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Neuvirth and some random Florida players.
Neuvirth and some random Florida players.

To celebrate the triumphant return of the Fantasy Report, I've done this week's entry in the form of haiku poems. Enjoy.


Premier Match-up

Anzeholics Anonymous vs. Intaglio

Intaglio wins 11-2!

This was a blow-out

Intaglio, best goalies.

Anze, not so much.


Wiki-Sharks vs. IAmJoe(Pavelski)

IAmJoe(Pavelski) wins 9-6!

I lost match to Joe,

Though he didn't check his team,

My team really sucks.

Sleek and Destroy vs.Setoguchi's Revenge

Sleek and Destroy wins 12-1!

Great week for Lubo,

Sleek annihilates Seto.

Neuvirth is good too.


Teal Blades vs.Kitten Mittens

Teal Blades wins 8-7!

Close match for these two,

Goalie gets Teal Blades the win.

Jack Johnson, bad week.




Neither guy checks team,

So who cares who wins this week?

I'm done with this shit.

Fournick Gators vs. McSorley's Stick

Fournick Gators win 10-3!

Strong week for Gators,

Martin Brodeur is good now,

I wish I had him.


spades lil bandito's vs. Quid Pro Clowe

spads lil bandito's wins 13-2!

Bad team not set up,

Plus three IR for Quid Pro.

I hope you're proud, spade.


2 Live Drew vs. Slappyville Freezers

Slappyville Freezers wins 8-6!

A good close match here,

Freezers wins due to goalies.

Haikus are hard work.