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Kings Gameday: The Chara-Pacioretty Hit, Or: No One Can Spell "Stanchion" Correctly

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Wednesday, Mar 9, 2011, 4:30 PM PST
Joe Louis Arena

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Last night, Zdeno Chara did this to Max Pacioretty:

Yikes! Hope Pacioretty gets better because he's a pretty fun player. I wonder what Hockey's Future thinks about such a hit. Surely there will be a thoughtful exchange of ideas...

Here here -- I don't give a **** about scum like Chara and the Bruins I've lost all respect for that team. Pacioretty is a young talented player and the premeditated attack may well take him out for the season and could even have longer-term effects. Who cares if it's 2 games or 10 games rest for Chara, that won't affect Pacioretty's return.




stachin (what the fuck, you're not even trying)

Anyone who has actually watched any sort of replay knows 2 things about this play

1) It was an unnecessary hit. Chara was commiting a penalty by hitting Pacioretty.

2) Chara hit him into the stanchion. He didn't hit him into the bench.

Other than the Bertuzzi - Moore incident and the Zednik skate cut, this is the most dangerous situation I have ever seen in a hockey game. Don't even try and tell me Chara didn't know what he was doing, we all know he has had it out for Pacioretty ever since that game in January.

Hey, he got it! Good job, man.

Bruins are the most classless team in the league. Last nights game shows that a quick, skilled team can beat a slow, prodding team 9 times out of 10.....wait...the habs have already done that the past 2 years. Then they try to goon it up at the end of the game, taking out their frustrations from the Habs always beating them. Truly a bunch of neanderthrals.

Even though this is a serious matter, I'm about to laugh because of all these Montreal fans. You guys are taking it waaaay overboard. Ease up a little. This is hockey, this **** happens.

That guy's a dick, obviously, but this response was hilarious:

Yeah, it happens also in real life. It's called murder attempt & you go in jail for it...
This is real life, this **** happens.

Wake up! It's not a video game: it's real life with real people...
My prediction: at least 1 dead in less then a year on the ice.

Come on guys, do you realize that Pacioretty could have died ?!?

Many people, including myself, thought that he just had his neck broken and could be paralyzed for the rest of his life.

I don't care about the intent at the moment, when you do something that could possibly KILL another player, you deserve at lot more than a weak ass 2-5 games suspension.

A reply:

careful, don't argue intent or try to be logical, you're libel to be called a homer

Yeah, the problem is that he's being too logical. And a response to that response:



Well played!


Yeah, take a loot for yourself. (This one isn't stupid, it's just a simple spelling mistake. It just made me laugh because I imagined some guy with a French accent saying this emphatically. "Take a loot!")


And 2 from Adam Proteau's twitter because he got real weird last night:


But hey, as long as everyone is entertained by athletes encouraged to cross the line, who cares if there's victims? Cost of entertaining!

This, but earnestly.

People get real upset-like when you talk about culture. Easier to seethe at a swarthy-looking "Them" & convince yourself "Us" are superior.

Swarthy? Is Chara swarthy? What the hell is he talking about?


My opinion: I'd say the penalty was deserved, since it was interference that resulted in an injury. I wouldn't be surprised if Chara got 3-4 games.

Oh, and if this happened to Anze Kopitar I would flip the fuck out.

Prediction: Kings win, 4-3. Goals by Kopitar, Doughty, Penner and Brown. All goals are scored on the power play, everyone complains about it anyway.