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Ducks Gameday -- A Depre(d)ssing Start

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Game 2:(5) Nashville Predators at (4) Anaheim Ducks, 7:30 pm
Nashville leads series 1-0
On The Forecheck and Anaheim Calling -- click magnets.

Game One sure could have gone better, eh?  For those who may have missed it, here's my Sleek-style recap:

I drew too much for Game One, so today I'm just stealing.

It certainly wasn't the worst Ducks outing I've seen, but can't really think of any aspect of the game where Anaheim outperformed Nashville -- admittedly I lost a lot of interest by the time the Ducks dug their 4-goal grave, though.  If the Predators had a Game One wish list, I'm pretty sure everything got checked off as "accomplished".

So now it's response time for the Ducks, and it had better be impressive.  Not just for the series' sake, but for yours truly -- I managed to snag two Row Bs for tonight's game, so I won't be around for game comments.  Look for the possibly-lucky green shirt on TV or if you're at the game, give me a high five or something.

Prediction: I enjoy the hell out of a Hayward-free evening, especially when Todd Marchant scores an improbable goal.

Go Ducks.